About us

We are a team of experienced engineers, whose passion and need for innovation is reflected in numerous executed projects. We offer you a cutting edge technology that meets all the expectation of modern companies. We ensure highest safety and quality standards. Our aim is to deliver solutions that meet our customer’s needs, and are compliant with our ethical approach toward our employees and clients.

What we do:

Industry Automation

We specialize in management of integral projects for various industry branches, we prepare electric installation projects, we supply you with power and control systems, visualization systems, as well as process instrumentation.

Rail Signaling

We offer you rail signaling solutions that follow strict standards set by global companies, like traffic control systems, signal interlocking systems, axle counting systems etc. We provide all the necessary services for mobility on railways.

Real Estate

DP System provides property management services to real estate owners, occupiers and developers. We understand that it is crucial for our clients to manage their properties in organized and innovative way in order to receive long term profits. Our professionals are keen on challenges, and are motivated to get your satisfaction. Our idea is to meet your expectations by providing you with tailored solutions.

Our specialists are open for innovation, they are ready to work with you on individual projects, and help you gain business and financial goals. Please feel free to define your individual needs and allow us to support you.